Welcome to my online portfolio ! My name is Thomas and I am a French 3D artist specialized in video games.

! I have a more up to date folio on Artstation since September 2017 ! I keep this website online in case I’ll need it in the future.

After a bachelor degree in 3D graphics and 2 years of professional experience in the architecture & design industry, I decided to change my career orientation. I followed a two-year course at Supinfogame in Valenciennes (France), and graduated with a master degree in Management and Game Art. I had the opportunity to join Ankama Studio for my two internships during my studies, for a total experience of 10 months. I moved to Canada afterward, worked for Gameloft at Montréal, prior to moving at Reflector Entertainment.

Highly motivated, hard worker and curious about everything, I enjoy meeting new people, sharing my experience as well as learning new things from my coworkers or from the CG community.

If you need further information, feel free to contact me.


You can also find me on LinkedIn :)